What are Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are definitely a thing of the now and most women definitely embrace them. They allow women to experiment with different lengths, colors or patterns. Hair Extensions can definitely be an expensive EXTENSION in your budget so it’s best to do some research before taking the plunge.

Hair Extensions are artificial hair integrations which can be added to one’s hair to add fullness and/or volume. The process of extensions can be clipped, glued in, tape-in, fusion method and the weaving method. Most human hair weaves come from Asiana countries like India and China.


Types of Hair Extensions

As mentioned earlier there are a variety of hair types but the most commonly type is known as premium hair and is sold in most beauty stores or online. There are two types of premium hair: regular premium hair which is generally the least expensive and tangle-free premium hair. Regular premium hair has present cuticles in different directions and the hair is prone to tangle and “tangle-free” is shiny, silky and give the appearance of health hair. Below are some textures of hair extensions.


Afro-American Types
  • Silky- straight East Asian hair
  • Yaki- straight mimicking the texture of Afro-Caribbean hair
  • Deep wave- not a true wave, more spiral curls
  • Loose deep wave- more romantic curls
  • Kinky curly-tightly coiled “s” or “z” curl pattern) most often used to create a natural look
  • Wet & Wavy-Spanish or Indian wave


Caucasian Types
  • European-from the western world usually Russian, naturally silky and shiny, fine denier, not recommended for coarse hair textures
  • Chinese-hair-usually have a thicker follicle, little to no curl
  • Indian- most common hair type, similar texture and density to European hair


Consulting with a hairstylist can better assist you in making the correct hair extension decision for your hair type.

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